Conference programme

The final programme, including abstracts and room numbers for the day can be found via this link.

We will be running parallel streams throughout the day, so do follow us on Twitter with the hashtag #UnderstandingTheSocial and at @SocialDigitalA2 for insights into all streams and presentations.

You can also find the full abstracts for each talk by clicking on the panel titles below


9:30-10:30 – OPENING KEYNOTE – Professor Nick Couldry, The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)

10.45-12.15 – SESSION 1 (2 parallel panels)

PANEL 1.1: Images – use and misuse

Chandell Gosse and Jacquelyn Burkell – Western University – Misogyny under the microscope: Emphasizing the social and cultural contexts of face-swapping technology

Ruth Flaherty, University of East Anglia – Fannish Social Interactions Online: More than Produsage?

Alberto Cossu – University of Amsterdam – Brands and productive publics in the event economy: the case of Milano Design week

Karen Cross – University of Roehampton – The time of the social image

PANEL 1.2 : Social Media, family, and young people

Ranjana Das and Paul Hodkinson – University of Surrey – Affective coding: Platformed subtleties in new fathers self-disclosure strategies around mental health

Dan M. Kotliar, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem – The return of the social: On the socio-algorithmic construction of identity categories

Murray Goulden – University of Nottingham – Family life and the smart home

Mark Wong – University of Glasgow – Socially ‘withdrawn’? Examining the sociality of young people ‘hidden’ in the bedroom in the digital age

12:15-13:00 – LUNCH

13:00 – 14:30  SESSION TWO (2 parallel panels)

PANEL 2.1 : Reframing the social

Elinor Carmi – Liverpool University – Conducting the rhythms of the social and the antisocial

Carwyn Morris – The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) – For Digital Space and Place: Socially constructed place in urban China’s digital space

Sarah Cefai – London College of Communication – Putting the social back into social media

Chris Till  – Leeds Beckett University – Reality work: Digital labour as a reality construction

PANEL 2.2 : Digital use, rights, governance, and power

Ioanna Noula and Jonny Shipp – University of Leeds – Digital governance and our common digital future: a “digital sustainability” agenda

Thorsten Bronholt – University of the West of Scotland – Governed by algorithms: Theories of digitised power to shape subjects and societies

Rebekah Larsen  – University of Cambridge – Networked discussions about the network: Public(s) discussions around the right to be forgotten

14.30 – 16:00 – SESSION THREE (2 parallel panels)

PANEL 3.1 : Users, fans, followers, and friends

Carolina Bandinelli and Alessandro Gandini – The University of Lincoln – Trust in the age of dating apps

Shiyu Zheng – The University of Warwick – How Chinese fans use social media to transnationally engage in the participatory culture of contemporary British TV drama

Ema Pei-Ying Wang – Columbia University – The Influence of PTT Bulletin Board System on Taiwanese Internet Culture, Mainstream Media and Civic Engagement

PANEL 3.2 : Socio-cultural dynamics online

Carrie Karsgaard, Michael Hockenhull, and Maggie MacDonald – University of Alberta – Mapping (Anti)Colonial Issue Publics on Instagram

Nadine I. Kozak – University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee – ‘We won’t allow politicians to speak for us anymore’: Sex workers, social media, and protest

Ysabel Gerrard, Helen Thornham – University of Sheffield – The gendering of social media’s algorithmic recommendations

Laurie Waller – University of East Anglia – Du Bois’s maps as devices: Changing digital social research with early social data experiments

16:30 – 17:30 – CLOSING KEYNOTE – Professor Gina Neff, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

17.45+ -Post conference social